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Ladera room picture

Ladera suites feature an open wall

The Caribbean is home to hundreds of resorts catering to every taste and every budget. There are large resorts sporting well-known brand-names popular with millions of travelers all over the world, while, in hidden corners of this tropical paradise there are also several exclusive destination resorts that provide a unique and refined Caribbean hotel experience.

Ladera is one such resort. Situated in the small rural town of Soufriere on the island of St Lucia, Ladera is balanced high on a volcanic mountain ridge overlooking the azure Caribbean Sea. With panoramas of the majestic Twin Pitons a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and open-air rooms that allow the fragrance of hibiscus and bougainvillea to provide a romantic, sensual reminder of your stay, Ladera is the penultimate romantic getaway, and is a preferred location for weddings, honeymoons, or just rekindling a romance with someone you love.

There are less than a dozen villas and a scattering of suites tucked into this secluded mountaintop retreat. The rainforest provides the walls and the backdrop, the open-air the ceiling. Ladera was once part of Rabot Estate, one of Soufrière’s oldest and most famous cocoa plantations. In 1982 it was transformed into the unique resort it is today.

– Charles Edwards frequently writes about Caribbean hotel ideas.


Caribbean weddings

Ladera St Lucia: a romantic Caribbean resort

Saint Lucia is recognized as being one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the Caribbean. Originally nicknamed the “Helen of the West Indies” because of the island’s beauty, and beause the island changed hands repeatedly between the French and the British, today St Lucia is a favorite place for celebrities to tie the knot, honeymoon, or enjoy a some private time far from the prying eyes of the world. And there is one Caribbean resort at the heart of all this beauty: Ladera St Lucia.

Ladera St Lucia is located in the small town of Soufriere in the southwest corner of the island. The area is dominated by the twin Piton Peaks, a UNESCO world heritage site that is defines the romantic, mysterious character of this small Caribbean Windward isle, located at the edge of the placid Caribbean, and the energetic and beautiful open Atlantic ocean.

The Ladera resort itself is perched high atop a mountain hillside, with beautiful views of the volcanic Twin Pitons and the azure Caribbean below. A unique feature of Ladera St Lucia resort are open-air windowless “walls” that look out over the ocean and the hillside below. It’s an amazing experience that has come to define a Caribbean vacation on St Lucia.

Ladera is a favorite spot for Caribbean weddings and honeymoons. Close to St Lucia’s airport, yet secluded and private, Ladera’s mountainside location makes it possible to plan a mid-air wedding overlooking soaring volcanic peaks, lush rainforest, and the blue Caribbean below. It’s the Caribbean’s finest and most dramatic wedding venue.

– Charles Edwards frequently blogs about St Lucia weddings.