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St Lucia restaurant ideas

August 13, 2011

St Lucia restaurant

A St Lucia restaurant overlooking Soufriere

Long known as the “St Helen of the West Indies”, St Lucia is a beautiful, refined destination for travelers hoping to catch a glimpse of the “true Caribbean”. while many island nations in the region are flat and almost featureless, due to their geological heritage as the remains of ancient coral reefs, St Lucia terrain is volcanic. Tall sultry spires thrust up from the blue Caribbean Sea. It’s a sensual backdrop to what often ends up being a romantic (or is it torrid?) vacation.

The volcanic soil has been kind to the cuisince of the island. While bananas may be the chief export crop of St Lucia, the rich, black soil fosters an incredible variety of produce such as yams, plantains and coconuts. These ingredients always make their way into St Lucia restaurant dishes, along with other local delicacies, such as lamb, roast conch and sugar cane shrimp.
St Lucia cuisine incorporates truly global elements, including spices from South Asia (a legacy of workers imported to the island to work on plantations), French influeces (from when the island was a possession of France more than 200 years ago), as well as, of course, Caribbean and West Indian sensibilities that are at the core of cooking here.
Restaurants here on the island are open at conventional times, and offer all the conventional meals, but what is unconventional are the location of some eateries here on St Lucia. You may have the chance to eat and watch the planes land in Vieux Fort, or you may be able to eat on a fishing wharf jutting out in to the stormy Atlantic.
The best place to eat, of course, is in on a volcanic ridge overlooking the quaint town of Soufriere. The view of the Piton Peaks is amazing, and romantic.
– Charles Edwards frequently blogs on St Lucia restaurant ideas