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Grand Case is the perfect St Martin beach resort

St. Martin, a French possession located in the Caribbean Sea, is the perfect place to plan a family vacation or a romantic getaway for two. One community on the island, Grand Case, is located in a secluded corner of the territory, providing a secluded spot to create your own private Caribbean memories.

Grand Case is located on the northwest corner of the island. Originally a small fishing village, the town now sports pleasant shopping areas and two secluded beaches. On beach is very calm and protected, and is a perfect spot for kids, and just floating in the water. The other beach is more open to the public, and features lounge chairs and great views of Creole Rock. On the weekends there are more locals on the beach, but for the most part it is very uncrowded and quiet, even when the resort hotel is fully booked. There is plenty of space for everyone. Be sure to take advantage of the complimentary beach toys and equipment at your hotel, such as kayaks and snorkels – a snorkel trip to Creole rock is highly recommended.

From the resort, it’s a quick walk into town to eat or shop featuring eateries such as Spicy, run by Sophie and Oliver. There is also an authentic French bakery, and, across the street, a small Asian grocery store where it’s possible to buy fresh produce. Choosing a resort set up as a condo unit means it’s possible for couples and families to save by preparing meals at home.

While Grand Case is an isolated corner of Caribbean paradise, it’s easy to take sightseeing trips other parts of St. Martin and still come back to spend down time on a wonderful hotel and beach. If you are a couple you would want to spend a day at Orient Beach – very unique and not for the easily embarrassed!

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Things to do in the Caribbean

St Martin offers a refined, European sensibility to a Caribbean vacation

St Martin is part of the beautiful French West Indies in the Caribbean. Through it’s connection to France it also belongs European Union, and is safe, clean and quiet, perfect for either family vacations, or romantic getaways and Caribbean vacations.

But what to do on St Martin?

Boating, swimming and the beach
Most people travel to St Martin to spend time on a white sand beach, with occasional dips in the pure, turquoise Caribbean sea. Diving, snorkeling and other water sports are popular, as is sailing, boating and deep-sea fishing.

Because of the connection with the EU, St Marten offers a European shopping experience, with access to duty-free shops.

St Martin Dining and nightlife
St Marten features the best in Caribbean dining with a European sensibility. There’s an infinite variety of cuisine to enjoy in St Martin. There nightclubs in St Martin, as well as casinos!

Caribbean family activities
There are plenty of kids activities while vacationing in St Martin. From kayaking and snorkeling for older children, to just playing in the sand, St Marten is a childrens’ paradise.

Places to stay
Grand Case Beach Club is a resort in St Martin, West Indies, that is popular with visitors to the Caribbean.

– Charles Edwards frequently blogs about the Grand Case Beach Club.


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