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September 8, 2011 |

A hotel in Turks and Caicos Islands is a relaxing place. The warm Caribbean sea is blue, the sky even bluer, and the soft sand makes it difficult to do little more than get up and order a new drink. It’s hard to imagine how to improve on the experience, but there is a way: a relaxing spa treatment.

turks and caicos spa

Spa hotel in Turks & Caicos

You have time to relax, sit by the pool, go golfing, and swim with dolphins. Why not schedule some spa time at a Turks and Caicos resort? Every hotel in Turks and Caicos features a luxury spa offering massage, facials and body treatments. Staff are trained in trained in many disciplines to provide you with a spa experience personally tailored to your wishes. Incorporating well-known massage techniques such as Swedish, Reflexology, and many more. Try their very popular “Hot Stone” massage, which involves the application of heated smooth stones over large muscle areas. The stones may also be placed on specific chakra points to promote a deep state of relaxation.

Facials range from a basic deep European cleansing to more specialized treatments such as collagen, elastin, seaweed and skin-soothing sunburn applications. Seaweed, Moor Mud, Water Lily Wrap help rejuvenate the skin after a successful day of sun tanning . The Turks Island Salt Glow utilizes local sea salts from the flats of Salt Cay. This invigorating scrub will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

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