Caribbean Facts

Picture yourself on a white sand beach surrounded by rolling green hills, staring out at warm, aqua Caribbean water – from your living room.

You can own a home at Roatan’s Bella Bay Estates, a Masterplanned, net-zero community designed by award-winning Calgary architect Dan Jenkins. The development offers 100% ownership on titled land with the option of entering your home into a revenue-generating rental pool.

28 prebuilt homes along the beach are now selling and construction continues on Phase One. Offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria are now telling the Bella Bay story to western Canada.

Bella Bay Estates is a Caribbean retirement and vacation investment property on the island of Roatan, and offers feature condos, a hotel, villas and tropical cottages, along with a spa, pools, restaturant and about 80,000 square feet of commercial space. Bella Bay Estates owners also have the option to enter their home into a revenue-generating rental pool.

Dedicated to life at the beach, Bella Bay Estates is selling 100% ownership of titled land in its community of white-sand beachfront homes. This masterplanned, net zero village is on the western Caribbean island of Roatan, which boasts some of the world’s best diving, crystal clear blue waters and a warm, tropical Caribbean climate.

Bella Bay offers three types of properties, each with a unique personality, character, and fit for your lifestyle:

White Sand Villas
Each building contains four spacious two-bedroom oceanfront homes. Features include hand-made Caribbean wood shutters, and verandas inspired by Florida’s Key West designs.

South Beach Condos
These beachfront buildings contain four one and two-bedroom homes and feature curved white stucco walls, expansive windows and a progressive design, making them Bella Bay Estates focal point.

Cabana Beach Homes
These upscale private homes consist of two living areas connected by a breezeway. Each home features two master bedrooms, a private courtyard with lush landscaping, and panoramic ocean views.

Bella Bay is a Caribbean real estate investment opportunity


TCI are a little-known territory floating on the Caribbean. This chain of white sand cays and islands have escaped the large real estate developments and hordes of tourists, making the territory a pleasant place to reside. Turks and Caicos living is the Caribbean at its best.

But trying to figure out how to move to TCI is often bewildering.

Here are a few points to think about

Turks and Caicos immigration documentation
In order to become a foreign expat of TCI you need to acquire one of the following documents granted by the Department of Immigration:

  • Temporary Residence Certificate
  • Work Permit
  • Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC).

Temporary Residence Certificates can be renewed each year for $1000; these do not permit you to work. If you want to work in the islands, you’ll need to acquire a Work Permit, which can set you back more than $5000 annually. Making an investment in real estate or a business in which you are not working, may qualify for a PRC. The minimum investment required is $500,000 on Providenciales and $125,000 on our other islands.

Power is provided by PPC power company on Provo, North, Middle, and South Caicos. On Provo residents pay 28 cents per kilowatt hour for residential use plus a fuel surcharge, as well as hookup fees.

Cable TV
The main provider in the islands is WIV Cable TV. The connection charge ranges from between $100 and $500, plus $50 a month for the subscription.

Lime and Express High Speed Internet both have several service levels available at varying costs. Installation is approximately $150.00 and basic service starts at around $40.00 a month.

Importing Your Personal Goods
When moving to TCI for the first time a person may import personal effects (goods) free of duties. These goods must be intended solely for your personal use

Owning a car on Provo
There are three new car dealerships on Provo; If you import a motor vehicle (new or used) you will pay a duty rate based on the engine size.

Schools on Turks and Caicos
The British West Indies Collegiate is the only private secondary school on Providenciales with a current enrollment of over 100 students offering classes from year 6 up.

Bringing a pet to Turks and Caicos
For information you should contact TCI Environmental Health Department Veterinary and Animal Control Unit.


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